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Stay safe online

  • We strongly recommend you confirm the details of any new or amended payment instructions face-to-face or verbally via a phone number you know and trust before making the payment.
  • You will only ever be asked to authenticate yourself with your security device once, and only when you: log in, make a payment, set up templates or make an administrative change.
  • We will never call or email you and ask you to change the beneficiary bank details of a payment or ask you to reveal full security details (including smart card PINs).
  • We will never ask to allow remote control of your PC or instruct you to make any payment.
  • Take extra care when opening unexpected emails and do not download any attachments unless you are confident they are safe.
This is either to carry out planned maintenance work or as a result of a technical problem which is being investigated.

During operational hours, should you require further assistance please Contact Us

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